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Elevate Your Technical Sales and Marketing

WikiELN is a cutting-edge Digital Lab Notebook designed specifically for technical sales and marketing teams selling products to biotech companies. Our platform enhances collaboration and streamlines interactions between field application scientists and their clients, ensuring seamless communication and efficient documentation management.

Built for External Collaboration

WikiELN is built with scientists in mind, providing a robust solution for external collaboration. Field application scientists can easily create and share files with specific clients, facilitating a more productive and transparent relationship. Our platform supports the sharing of :-

General Documents: Manuals, quick start guides, and case studies

Custom Documents: IQ/OQ/PQ documentation, and reports from demo results.

Secure and Controlled Access

Security is paramount at WikiELN. All documents are encrypted at rest, ensuring your data is always protected. With strict access controls, you can trust that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information.

Streamlined Onboarding

Centralizing your field application scientists and engineers' interactions with customers allows for rapid onboarding, even in the event of turnover. Whether it's a change on the vendor side or within your client's team, WikiELN ensures continuity and efficiency.

Why Choose


We enhance collaboration by improving client relationships with transparent document sharing, ensure data security with top-tier encryption, and streamline onboarding to reduce downtime and ensure smooth transitions.


Enhanced Collaboration

Foster better relationships with your clients through transparent and efficient document sharing


Security and Compliance

Trust in our top-tier encryption and access controls to protect your valuable data


Efficiency in Onboarding

Reduce downtime and ensure smooth transitions with centralized documentation and interaction records

A Question for Decision Makers

You support your account executives with a CRM, but how are you supporting your Field Application Scientists, Field Application Engineers, and Product Managers?

WikiELN provides the perfect solution to bridge this gap, empowering your technical teams with the tools they need to succeed. Join the future of technical sales and marketing collaboration with WikiELN. Simplify your processes, secure your data, and enhance your client relationships all in one platform.

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